Leachate Management and Leachate Treatment
Knox Associates

Knox Associates has wide experience in the design and operation of leachate treatment plants and processes, both UK and worldwide. We have specialist expertise in the technical aspects of leachate management, including: water balance and leachate flow prediction; trace organics in landfill leachates; leachate quality from hazardous wastes, MSW incinerator residues and mechanical-biological treatment residues; leachate recirculation; leachate denitrification.

  • modelling of future post-closure leachate liabilities
  • closed landfills: appraisal of leachate generation, quality, management
  • leachate management audits and reviews
  • advice on leachate recirculation at landfills
  • evaluation of current and future leachate flows, volumes, and quality
  • interpretation of leachate monitoring data
  • leachate treatment process evaluation and selection
  • process design and leachate treatment plant sizing
  • leachate treatment plant tender evaluation
  • negotiation of discharge consents
  • leachate treatment plant commissioning and training of staff
  • telephone helpline services for treatment plant operators
  • optimization and troubleshooting of leachate treatment plants
  • interpretation of leachate treatment plant performance data