Specialised technical investigations
Knox Associates

Knox Associates has carried out numerous specialised technical investigations. We also work in collaboration with other organizations, typically contributing specialist advice on technical steering, design and implementation of the investigations, data interpretation and reporting.

Examples include:

  • Analysis of gas well data to examine relationships between well-head suction, gas flow, gas quality and calorific yield. This work enabled the client to optimise gas abstraction from individual wells, to maximise energy yield.
  • Effects on leachate and gas, of co-disposal of MSW with, g. chemically enhanced primary sewage sludge; ash from incineration of sewage sludge; carbonated bottom ash from MSW incineration. This work includes the design, management and interpretation of lysimeter studies.
  • Technical review of leachate recirculation.
  • Hydraulic behaviour of wastes during infiltration events.
  • Brogborough test cells closure study: experimental design and interpretation of data.
  • Review of non-degradable COD in landfill leachates: occurrence, chemical characteristics, environmental properties and treatment.
  • Review of chromium in landfill leachate: occurrence, speciation, significance and removal.