Assessing and optimising landfills
Knox Associates

We have a proven track record and depth of experience of landfill processes that is second to none. The costs and earnings of a landfill are directly affected by processes occurring within the landfill. Understanding and controlling these processes will maximise the economic return and environmental performance of landfills. For example:

  • How long will it take for waste to decompose?
  • How can the decomposition be speeded up?
  • How can we predict gas generation during the last part of decomposition?
  • How can we flush soluble leachate pollutants from landfills and how long might this take?
  • What affects the generation of problem components of landfill gas, such as hydrogen sulphide and vinyl chloride?
  • Which components of industrial wastes will be immobilised within the landfill?
  • How will leachate components be attenuated in landfill liner materials and in the surrounding geological formations?

Our consultancy services in this area include:

  • estimation of post-closure requirements and costs
  • monitoring regimes for leachate level, flow and quality
  • assessment of the remaining gas potential in degradable wastes
  • optimisation of gas extraction
  • advice on disposal of industrial wastes and sludges with biodegradable wastes
  • impact of specific waste types on leachate quality and landfill chemistry
  • detailed understanding of landfill chemistry and biochemistry